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Future Love Paradise Seal Seal [1991] 00:04:19
Newborn Friend Seal Seal [1994] 00:04:04
Crazy Seal Seal [1991] 00:05:56
The Beginning Seal Seal [1991] 00:05:39
Bring It On Seal Seal [1994] 00:03:57
Don't Cry Seal Seal [1994] 00:06:17
Kiss from a Rose Seal Seal [1994] 00:04:47
If It's in My Mind, It's on My Face Seal System 00:05:09
Just Like Before Seal System 00:04:41
Loaded Seal System 00:05:19
Dumb Seal System 00:04:11
Amazing Seal System 00:03:01
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