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Convert and transfer your playlists to many music services

Now with playlist sharing functionality. Even share playlists between different music services!

Music streaming services

Easy playlist converting with the straightforward user interface

Move your playlists from one music service to another. Just convert the playlists you like and transfer them to any of the major music streaming services. Spotify, Napster, Deezer. YouTube, iTunes, M3U, PLS, Zune and Windows Media Player playlists are available for conversion in the app and more to come in future releases!

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All your playlists. Convert or share them!

Find all your playlists or enter playlists urls found on the world wide web, from YouTube, Spotify, Deezer or Napster or even iTunes, M3U, Zune, PLS or Windows Mediaplayer. Convert all of them! If you connect to your music streaming services in Playlist Converter, all your private and public playlists show up, ready to convert them and transfer your playlists to Spotify, Deezer or Napster or just share them with your friends, even if they have a subcsription at another music streaming service.

Select playlist tracks to convert

Fetching tracks

After selecting a playlist, you'll be presented with a list of all the tracks in the playlist. Select all tracks in the playlist or just the tracks you want to convert and move them to your music streaming service. Don't remember the songs from the artist and title? Press the play button next to the track and a 30 second preview will sound.

Select playlist tracks to convert

convert playlists

Convert playlist

Converting is all you want

With a great search algoritm almost every song in the playlists will be found while converting. No perfect match found? Just pick the track you think is best from a list of matching tracks. This makes Playlist Converter unique. No other playlist converter on the web gives the user the option to select the best track if no perfect match is found!

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No match found? Go manual!

Even the best search algorithms, from Napster, Spotify and Deezer, can not match humans. Let's search manual and try find the matching track yourself with clever choosen keywords.

Manual search

convert playlists


Playlist Converter can convert and/or share playlists between various music streaming services and can import many file formats and can also export to different file formats. A great way to transfer your playlists!

Import from

  • PLS
  • M3U
  • Zune
  • iTunes
  • Windows Mediaplayer

Convert from

  • Deezer
  • Spotify
  • Napster
  • YouTube

Convert or share to

  • Deezer
  • Spotify
  • Napster

Export to

  • Text (.txt)
  • Excel (.xlsx)
  • Comma Separated Values (.csv)